AL-Sayed Center

AL-Sayed Center  was  established  in  1991   and  has   managed  to  be  one of the biggest firm in the field of Industrial Supply Products  for Heating, Ventilating , Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration, Electrical &  CNC Machines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This  success  came  and   grew  over  30  years  , by the conscious studying to determine the Saudi market requirements in the area  of Heating, Ventilating  Air Conditioning   (HVAC)  , Refrigeration , Electrical  &  CNC  Machines with a good planning of how  to achieve the targets  with  hard work  continued  ,  through crew  depends on the  accumulated experience and  the Investment in the development of   human resources.

We   have   supplied   our    products   to    the  leading  contracting  companies   and  Governmental projects i:e Hospitals, Smart Cities, Universities , Towers ,  Malls  & Technical Colleges as a result we have  been placed amongst the top successful partners in most of the Kingdom's projects.

We are  always  looking ahead to be the leading Supplier and Stockist in Saudi Arabia for  Heating, Ventilating , Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration ,  Electrical  products    &    CNC  Machines    , by  flowing  more   investment   for the   human  resource development and  bring  more  exclusive  agencies  for Heating , Ventilating , Air Conditioning (HVAC), Refrigeration, Electrical products   & CNC Machines .

We   believe   providing   best  Quality Products, Services  &  Customer s atisfaction, which provides more value to the customers in the solid bastion of business survival.

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